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A Harvest of Fall

The month in which you were born determines many things — your astrological sign, your birth flower or tree and, our personal favorite, your birthstone. 

October birthdays celebrate with a spectrum of color and vibrancy with its two birthstones, opal & tourmaline. With not one, but two gems to choose from, the possibilities are endless when deciding how to wear these stones. 


How To Style

Choose one, or combine them, these October gems are beautiful when worn together or standing alone. Opal is romantic, and has the magic to complement any color combination. Its rainbow hue and iridescence add a layer of interest to any ensemble. Tourmalines come in a vast array of colors ranging from green, blue, yellow, pink or red, mirroring the uniqueness and effortless range those born in October so often possess. 

Embrace the key colors of fall in your outfits like beiges, browns, deep reds and muted oranges to make an opal or tourmaline pop. 



Through most of its history, Opal has been regarded as one of the most magical of gems because of the spectrum of color. Opal has inspired many writers such as Shakespeare and Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

It is said to be a gem of reconciliation, bringing compassion to the wearer. It is also believed to attract positive energy, good luck and happiness.


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