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Kerrie stopped in at E.B. Horn Jewelers this holiday season to share a few of her favorite seasonal traditions with her readers.


This post originally appeared on Life + Style of Kerrie M. Burke.

Today, I’m super excited to be teaming up with my friends at E.B. Horn Jewelers to share a few of my favorite holiday traditions with you but first let’s get to know a little more about this iconic Boston based brand…

* * *

1839 E.B. Horn Jewelers is born.

177 years spent dazzling jewelry lovers across the world – and they’re still going strong!

2 generations of the same family are responsible for everything that goes into making this iconic store exactly that.

50 the average number of engagement rings sold in-store during the month of December alone.

1830 the year in which the store’s oldest antique (these guys specialize in all things one-of-a-kind) was handcrafted.

16 carat A.K.A one of the biggest diamonds ever sold in store. Want more? E.B. Horn can make it happen!

* * *

“She drinks more coffee than a Gilmore.” If you’ve ever spent five minutes with me then you know my love for coffee rivals that of Lorelei and Rory’s so naturally multiple trips to Ogawa are a requirement at this time of year. I mean, where else can you order your favorite cappuccino with a red-nosed reindeer on top? Pro tip; if you’re going to be taking pictures (#ididitfortheinsta) then ask for Haruna, this talented barista was the first woman to win the world latte art championship – not kidding!

A neighborhood that reminds of home, Beacon Hill is probably my favorite in the city which means you can usually find me sitting at my go-to coffee shop in the area or wandering through it’s charming cobble stone streets. A must-visit pretty much any time of the year I particularly love it during the holidays. With garlands strung from every lamppost and residents hanging wreaths from the most traditional of red brick homes there’s a beautiful view just waiting to be discovered around every corner.

Speaking of wreaths, choosing ours has to be one of the things I enjoy most during the holidays. Year after year we make a beeline for Rouvalis Flowers where we inevitably end up spending too much time and too much money. What can I say, I’m an absolute sucker for mini christmas trees and poinsettia – besides, they looked way too good with my little garnet ring to leave behind!

Is it even christmas without champagne? I think not! Since we choose to spend the holidays with family (and you know how hectic that can get) Ted and I always try to organize a special seasonal toast that’s just about us. This year we were lucky enough to enjoy a glass (or two!) of bubbly at Boston’s beautiful Godfrey Hotel – and all while watching the very first snow of the season!

If you read this post then you know going to see The Nutcracker is one of our most loved holiday traditions of all – hey, it’s a classic for a reason. Yeah, it gives me all the festive feels but it also gives me a chance to ditch my usual uniform (leggings plus an oversized sweater borrowed from the hubby) in favor of something much more glamorous. Having had more than a little help from the amazing team at E.B. Horn Jewelers this past year I think it’s safe to say both Ted and I looked better than ever – nothing elevates on outfit quite like diamonds do!

Shot for Kerrie Burke of Rarely Taken Seriously

Shot for Kerrie Burke of Rarely Taken Seriously

Shot for Kerrie Burke of Rarely Taken Seriously

Shot for Kerrie Burke of Rarely Taken Seriously

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