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A Page Out Of Aunt Eileen’s Book

Custom Estate Jewelry

There are people you come across in life who you never want to forget. Who played such an instrumental role in one or many parts of your life. Whose memory you cherish forever. Who you love having as close to your heart as possible. Aunt Eileen was one of those people, a relative, friend and confidant. And thanks to my dear friends at E.B. Horn, I’m reminded of her every day – and in multiple ways.


Aunt Eileen loved me and my siblings unconditionally. She and Uncle Evan never had children, so in a way they took us in as their own when we would visit their lake cabin. One visit I recall complaining that I didn’t have enough clothes – as any teenage girl would. Aunt Eileen took me shopping without question. She was a self-made woman whose hard work paid off in an early retirement and life of vacation and luxury. But she never once forgot about her family, immediate or not.

After Uncle Evan passed, she decided to give her wedding rings a makeover. She purchased a round, brilliant cut diamond and had the diamonds from her original wedding ring wrapped around the new center stone. The diamonds were set in a 14k white gold band soldered next to her original wedding band. Her new ring was beautiful, and she wore it every day to remember Evan and the life they built together.

In April 2012, Eileen passed away. My father went to her home to collect a few of her personal items, namely the estate pieces she left behind for us kids. My sister received a gorgeous emerald necklace, my brother was bequeathed Uncle Evan’s estate Rolex, and to me, Aunt Eileen’s estate wedding ring. It was the most precious piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned (next to my own wedding ring, of course). But it was hard for me to wear such a formal piece of jewelry without looking like I had been married twice. I decided to take a page from Aunt Eileen’s book and took her wedding ring to the most trusted jeweler I know: E.B. Horn.


When I arrived at E.B. Horn, I met with Doug to discuss how I could make several timeless pieces from my aunt’s wedding ring; items I could wear every day. Doug was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. After a careful look at the diamonds and the band, Doug suggested we find a perfect match for the center stone and create diamond earring studs. He found diamond studs similar to what mine would look like and allowed me to try them on. The idea was perfect, exactly what I wanted. He then suggested using the metal from the bands to create a new, simple ring. Another piece I could wear every day.

In the end, we created four individual, unique pieces from my aunt’s ring that I could wear every day. It meant so much to be able to take my aunt’s beloved ring and repurpose it into everyday pieces. Now, each time I look in the mirror and see the diamond earrings, or look down at my hands and see my rings, I think of Aunt Eileen. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to remember her every day and I’m so grateful that E.B. Horn was there to help.

Custom Estate Jewelry

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