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What Engagement Ring Fits Your Bride’s Personality?


When you are asking the biggest question of your life, you want to be sure the answer is yes. You fell in love with your future bride for a lot of reasons – her own unique personality is a big part of that. Finding the perfect engagement ring to suit her personality and sense of style is important – and can be daunting. We are here to help! With so many engagement ring options to choose from, here’s a starting point.


Solitaire — Classic

Is your bride a traditional sort of woman? A solitaire engagement ring is simple, elegant and understated. This is one of the most traditional and classic styles and while some trends may pass, the classics never go out of style. If your future bride likes to keep it simple and let the diamond speak for itself, this is the way to go. For added sparkle, add a diamond encrusted band to the setting.



Emerald — Glamorous

For the bride that makes glamor look effortless, the emerald cut is for her. This is for the woman that is poised and prepared, always organized and never misses a beat. The structure and sparkle of an emerald cut will turn heads wherever she goes.


Cushion —Romantic

Cut with rounded edges, the cushion ring is a softer sister to a square or rectangular shape. This style is soft, feminine and romantic – perfect for the woman who has been daydreaming of her fairytale wedding since she was a young girl.



Oval — Simple but Unexpected

Similar to the solitaire, this engagement ring can be simple, but make a statement, especially with a halo of diamonds surrounding it. For the bride that likes to take a classic and add a twist to make it her own, this style is timeless yet modern.


Colorful Accents— Bold

For the woman that dares to be a little bit different, a pop of color in an engagement ring is a bold choice that will get noticed. While the addition of some color to a traditional diamond may not be for everyone, it is perfect for the bride that likes to stand out in a crowd.



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