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Every Jewel Tells a Story

E.B. Horn Jewelers

You can usually get a sense, even with a quick glance, of how expensive a piece of jewelry may be. Size and color, brightness and stones. What you can’t see, however is its true value. Jewels, after all, are more than tangible objects, more than just bright, shiny things with price tags. Rather, they’re couriers of great stories. A moment, a journey. A loved one, a friend. Every person in every family who owns a piece of jewelry has a story to tell about his or her best-kept keepsake.

If you’ve been following us for the last several months, you’ve read some of these stories. Today, we have a few more, as we’ve partnered with a few local jewelry lovers to share some personal stories of their favorite jewelry gifts – in time for the holidays.E.B. Horn Jewelers

A birthstone gem from Sveta Damiani

My husband Tom gave me a ring for Christmas two years ago. It was the year we adopted our cat Heidi, who won our hearts the moment we saw her for the first time. Since then, Heidi has become our best friend – someone we rush to come home to every day. She was born in August, and this ring has her birthstone, Peridot. This might not be the most expensive piece of jewelry I own, but it has a very special meaning to me. This is a gift I will cherish for years to come.

E.B. Horn Jewelers

A family tradition from Kate Bator

This yellow gold ring never leaves my ring finger. It is the ring my mom wore when my parents said ‘I do.’ My mom later decided she wanted a different wedding band and tucked it away in her jewelry box. Coincidently, my sister’s wedding band did not come in time for her wedding. She then said ‘I do’ to her husband with this ring. The day after her wedding, my sister’s actual wedding band arrived, and she gave this ring to me. It is engraved with my parents initials and their wedding date. When I get married one day, I will say ‘I do’ with this wedding band.

A friendly memento from Chelsea Marrs

Four years ago, I packed my bags, took a cross-country road trip, and made the big move from California to Boston. These rings were given to me by my friends back home in San Francisco. Apart from being just my style, and on-trend in rose gold, to me they represent home, friends and family. Whenever I miss them, I just look down at the rings and feel grateful for them all. I love how a piece of jewelry can transport you to another time and place, and keep loved ones with you wherever you go!

E.B. Horn Jewelers

A family flashback from Brianne Johanson

The most memorable piece of jewelry I’ve received is a necklace that holds an old photo of me and my mom. I’m about a year old, and I’m sitting on her lap. It’s the oldest printed photo of the two of us that I own, and it’s currently tucked away in my jewelry box. It’s funny how much my son, Crew, resembles me when I was little! I cherish the charm and I often take it out just to look at us; it always makes me think about how amazing my parents are and how fast times flies.


If you’re still in the market for that one perfect gift that will really wow her this season, considering giving the gift of jewelry in a fashion she’ll never forget.

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