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Hello 2018

The new year brings many things. Goals and resolutions. New jobs and fresh starts. The latest styles and trends. And, for us, that’s all about jewelry. We’re seeing a range of styles this year – from bold to subtle, new to retro, but all that are very distinct and personal. As you think about your 2018 style, here are our picks for the pieces that will help you make a statement:

EB Horn Diamond Necklace

Make this your year

This is your year. Remind yourself of that every day with a simple, diamond studded initial necklace.

EB Horn Bangle

Be wild

Channel your inner wild side and let loose. 2018 is the year to rep your baddest, boldest animal print.

EB Horn Drop Earrings

Let loose

2018 is the year of long statement earrings. Hide your hoops for now!

EB Horn Estate Brooch

Brooches are back

With dropping temperatures comes winter jackets and accessories that can make it difficult to show off your bling. That’s why brooches have made a comeback and are here to lavish your lapels.

EB Horn Estate Bracelet

Keep classic

Every year trends change and new accessories jump into the spotlight. But antique jewelry is timeless and will never go out of style.


About E.B. Horn

No matter the piece or purpose, we want to make your jewelry shopping experience the best it can be. That’s the attitude that we’ve had for over 182 years and we’re happy to see it’s worked all this time. Visit our site to learn more.

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