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E.B. Horn Montblanc watch

A proper timepiece does far more than tell time. It makes a statement about his style. And it has the uncanny ability, when paired properly, to tie an entire outfit together. What we love most about watches, is that it’s one of the few gifts guaranteed to excite. Sure, socks and ties will be worn. But a great watch is something he’ll want to flaunt for years to come. With so many intricate timepiece options, it can be a little daunting to pick the right one. So, we, at E.B. Horn, have hand-picked a few of our favorites that are sure to delight any wrist.E.B. Horn Victorinox Swiss Army Watch


This bold and distinct timepiece is a classic watch that will complement his polished style. From corporate holiday parties to family dinners, the dark face with the Swiss Army red hand will complete his approachable yet professional look throughout the holidays.E.B. Horn Longines Watch


Whether attending a seasonal show like the Nutcracker just down the street from E.B. Horn, or hosting a stay-at-home Christmas dinner, this dark brown Longines watch offers an upgraded casual look he can sport anywhere, anytime.E.B. Horn Montblanc Watch


This luxurious Montblanc watch is sure to become a seasonal staple, as well as a key wardrobe accessory for years to come. The silver link chain provides an elegant look suitable for any occasion.E.B. Horn Tissot Watch


Help him feel bold this holiday season by adding a Tissot timepiece to his collection. This brown leather strap contrasts beautifully against the bold, black and white face. A look guaranteed to make a statement.E.B. Horn Montblanc watch


Less is more with this black and gold accented Montblanc watch. Keep with his style modest and your celebrations elaborate this holiday season with this sharp and sleek look.


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No matter the piece or purpose, we want to make your jewelry shopping experience the best it can be. That’s the attitude that we’ve had for over 182 years and we’re happy to see it’s worked all this time. Visit our site to learn more.

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