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Our Long-Distance Love

Engagement Ring

There’s something reassuring and stimulating about having people around you that, well, get you. Who really get you. More than just your friends and family. But those who help you make you, at least a little of, who you are. A hair stylist, a wardrobe stylist, a personal shopper. Who know you and make you feel amazing.

What I never knew, at least until it mattered, was that my future husband had a jeweler who fit just this description. Who’d worked forever with his family. Who clearly understood him. And now, who makes me sparkle every single day.

Let me back up.


1,723 miles from home, and my life was changed forever. It happened on one starry night at a beach party in Miami. When Andrew and I first locked eyes, we were immediately drawn toward each other. And we soon started to test whether this instant connection could survive 763 miles. I was living in Sudbury, Ontario and Andrew was in New York. Texts turned into phone-calls. Phone calls into trips to each other’s cities. And that’s when we both realized – regardless of the physical distance – we were falling in love. On the third night of our first trip together, Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars” became our song when Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend.

730 DAYS, 763 MILES

What followed were two years of long-distance love. Every other week we alternated seeing one another. I would fly from Sudbury→Toronto→New York and Andrew vice versa. The constant sacrifices we made for each trip (and each other) made us melt into each other’s lives.

It was the perfect time to meet, yet a difficult one. There were countless tears, long flights, steep travel bills, lonely spells, inevitable delays and heartbreaking cancellations. But the sacrifices were well worth the outcome. What we now have is an unparalleled devotion to one another created through the sacrifices we made.

Engagement Ring


One day Andrew asked me to picture an engagement ring, and, honestly, nothing came to mind. I told him what would make me truly happy was if he picked the ring on his own. I told him I wanted the ring to reflect us. Little did I know, he already had a secret go-to, his family’s long-time jeweler: E.B. Horn.

A lot can be said of a business whose products run through a family’s lineage.  Andrew’s parents were long-time E.B. Horn customers and always trusted Norm’s expertise. Andrew didn’t consider picking out a ring from anywhere else. He worked with Norm to design a custom ring to make sure it was perfect. The final product? A gorgeous, emerald-cut diamond with smaller emerald-cut diamonds stacked down the band.

Engagement Ring


It was the eve of the New Year: December 31, 2016. We were in NYC when Andrew told me we were invited to a party at a local Speakeasy. When he led me up a staircase to a terrace that overlooked the Empire State building – I had no idea he was going to propose. On top of the terrace sat a rose-petal heart speckled with tiny, glimmering candles. That’s when he dropped to one knee. It was a rush of emotions. I couldn’t believe he was asking me to marry him! Before I said yes, a photographer started clicking away. When he put this big, gorgeous ring on my hand, I could tell instantly that he chose it; it was so us! Sleek, sophisticated and understatedly luxurious.

Engagement Ring


Every time we catch a glimpse of my ring, we remember that day in NYC, the countless flights, the longing for one another and that one night in Miami. The ring prompted us to move in together, and we chose a city halfway between our two worlds. Toronto. To this day, we are happily planning our wedding in NYC for this summer.

Engagement Ring

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