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Holiday Party Gems

This post originally appeared on Shell Chic’d

Those who know me acknowledge that I invest in clothing three times a year: Spring, summer, and December. Despite living in Boston and having the pleasure of 6 months of winter a year, my closet disproportionately favors sundresses and sunhats over sweaters and earmuffs. The exception arises every holiday season, when I spend an embarrassing amount of time and money planning and purchasing outfits for any and all holiday functions for which I might score an invite. I know, I hate myself too.

This year, in an attempt to grow into a responsible adult, I forewent the excess red and green tartan and bow-adorned pieces in favor of a few simpler buys that could actually see the light of day more than once, and outside the month of December. Best part? They serve as blank canvases for a myriad of accessories I can mix up depending on the occasion. Enter: E.B. Horn. These jewels helped me dress up two otherwise questionable choices (let’s be honest, the jumpsuit looks like pajamas) for my office holiday party and best friend’s annual open house.

For the office party

Nature’s first green is gold (or whatever they say), and this under $30 green fit and flare dress was seriously craving some gold embellishments. A delicate Chimento necklace (adjustable to any length) and gold studs and bracelet kept it classic while dressing it up just enough to remind your boss that even though working from home keeps you in pajamas from waist down most days, you still know how to clean up.

I already broke my own don’t-be-extra rule with the plaid pom shoes, but in my defense, they were a gift (here’s a similar pair!). Oh and this RING! My birthstone might be amethyst, but I have always been partial to emerald, and this gem was giving me all the heart eyes.

Fit & Flare Jersey Dress | Tartan Hair Tie | Similar Black Mini Crossbody | Similar Plaid Flats | All Jewelry: E.B. Horn

For the this-is-going-to-be-Instagrammed holiday party

Did I feel like I should be going through my night time routine and climbing into bed wearing this velvet jumpsuit? Yes. Did the addition of some sparkles and the prettiest aquamarine ring I’ve ever touched make me feel like I could slay all day? Also yes.

I’m so over the days of getting frostbite waiting for Ubers at the beginning and end of every Christmas party night, so pants it is this year, something I wouldn’t normally be caught dead in My aunt-in-law thought something was wrong when I showed up to Thanksgiving sans bare legs this year. But it’s amazing the confidence a few pieces of jewelry can give you. Delicate also isn’t exactly my style, so these earrings and necklace were a risk, but I haven’t stopped thinking about them since I took them off. Barely there, yet such a statement.

Black Velvet Wrap Jumpsuit | Similar Sunglasses | Similar Pink Bucket Bag | Gold Wedges | All Jewelry: E.B. Horn

Office party to family party, bestie’s Christmas party to New Year’s Eve – a small switch up of jewels will help you keep these party pieces in rotation all season long!

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