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Celebrating Traditions that Last

Celebrating Traditions that Last

There are a lot of links that run through my family. Some are big, others are small. A few are important, but most are inconsequential. But there may be nothing else that connects us, in our happiest of moments, quite like the quaint, downtown, family-run jeweler at 429 Washington Street.

Seventy-three years ago Monday, at Immaculate Conception in Malden, my grandparents exchanged their vows – with a beautiful diamond ring from E.B. Horn adorning my nana’s left hand. Forty-two years later, my parents exchanged their own vows, with E.B. Horn again playing a supporting role in the ceremonies, and their lives to come.

Now it’s my turn. And E.B. Horn again will have a front-row seat for an unforgettable day.

It still feels surreal typing this out, but … WE’RE ENGAGED! My fiancé, Mike, and I have been together since May 2010, and we got engaged on February 4, 2017.  Mike went above and beyond to make sure we had a perfect day celebrating alone together, and then with our closest family and friends. It couldn’t have been more magical; I am smiling just thinking about it. We are getting married on April 28, 2018, and are counting down the days – literally, with a countdown in our living room!

Prior to Mike proposing, I had told him the story of the men in my family going to E.B. Horn for generations. My grandfather purchased my nana’s engagement ring at E.B. Horn before they were married on September 4, 1944. He also worked with E.B. Horn to craft a custom ring for my nana incorporating the birthstones of their four children. My mother has since then, inherited my nana’s ring and wears it on special occasions, like one mentioned below.


Photos taken by Chelsey Powell

Knowing E.B. Horn held a special place in my mother’s heart and seeing the opportunity to build tradition, my father worked with his long-time friend and jeweler Dermot to choose my mother’s solitaire diamond ring in 1984. My parents have been happily married since May 3, 1986, and purchased their 14K yellow gold wedding bands from E.B. Horn, and to this day have never taken them off, which is a testament to their marriage as well as the quality of the bands!

I knew that when Mike and I were to get engaged it would be meaningful for us both to carry on the tradition. Though I would have been over the moon merely receiving a Ring Pop from Mike as an engagement ring, being a traditionalist at heart, I was hopeful that when our day came, Mike would continue to work with the jewelers at E.B. Horn. And he did! Mike worked with Dermot to craft the timeless ring of my dreams: a cushion cut diamond halo on a thin white gold band. To date, I find myself driving with my left hand, talking with my left hand, and honestly just staring at my left hand whenever I can! I haven’t stopped floating (or getting manicures) since February.

A few weeks after our engagement, my mother and I went to E.B. Horn to pick up my recently resized ring (I couldn’t bring myself to take it off right away!). Wanting to have the feeling of bringing her parents back into the store where it all started in in 1944, my mother wore my nana’s ring for our trip into town. Afterward, we went across the street to purchase thank-you notes for all of the well wishes Mike and I had been receiving. We separated in the card aisle for a bit, then met up, each holding a stack of thank-you notes that we liked. When we went to check out at the register, we realized the card brand that we both chose was named “George Stanley.” My grandfather’s name! It all felt so right, and so beautiful.

I feel so lucky to be part of this tradition started by my grandfather, continued by my father, then by my future husband, and hopefully, by generations to come. I cannot wait for us to be added to the collection of family wedding photos, as well as to the line of family members who purchased and received rings from E.B. Horn!

Photos taken by Chelsey Powell

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