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Choosing the perfect ring can be quite intimidating. Learn how Chris chose Ashley’s ring for his Kennebunkport, ME proposal.

This post originally appeared on Style Grace and Lace.

Chris and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary tomorrow! Since I started Style Grace + Lace just over a year ago, I never had a chance to share any details about our wedding, so I thought it might be fun to give you a closer look into us as a couple! I’ve teamed up with Boston jewelry company, E.B. Horn to bring you our engagement story and how Chris chose the perfect ring for me!

We had been dating for about five years and were both living in Burlington, Vermont at the time. Chris was entering his third year as an assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Vermont and I was working as a nurse at the campus health clinic. It was set to be a beautiful October weekend in New England and I probably had plans for us to apple pick, visit a pumpkin patch, or do some fall related activity. Chris told me that he had a little something planned for Sunday, so to keep that day free. I didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to plan a surprise…he did ask me to pack a bag though, which got my mind wandering a bit 😉 We got up early Sunday morning, grabbed coffees and hit the road to an undisclosed location! I remember we had the BEST drive; we listened to some favorite old school R&B songs and I tried to guess where we were heading (obviously). I was SO excited when we got off the highway exit in Kennebunkport…one of our favorite locations in Maine and a place that is so special to us. We are both originally from Maine, but since work had taken us out of state, we had always planned our vacation there for four straight summers. It’s just heavenly and if you haven’t been, you definitely need to plan a trip!

It was early afternoon when we arrived, so we stopped for something to eat at Federal Jacks and since it was NFL season, the Patriots were playing and we got to catch the game. After lunch, Chris took me to a little inn on the ocean called The Beach House and told me that we were staying there that night. He had dinner planned but asked if I wanted to go for a drive beforehand to look at the beach houses (as we often do when we visit Kennebunkport). We had been driving for about 15 minutes when he pulled over at our favorite spot; this rocky cliff that overlooks the ocean. (The photo above is the exact spot that Chris proposed) There’s a small bench there, so we sat down together to take in the view. After a few minutes, he stood up and then got down on one knee saying, “Ashley, I love everything about you…everything about you. I would be the happiest man alive if you would be my wife…Will you marry me?” I’m pretty sure I screamed…actually I’m absolutely sure I screamed and I was definitely shaking with excitement! I was so happy and surprised!


We drove to dinner where our families were waiting for us along with my best friend. We enjoyed a celebratory dinner together and then he whisked me off for “dessert” which was actually yet another surprise at David’s, a restaurant in the center of town and right on the water. When we arrived, some of our closest friends were waiting for us to have another round of celebration! It was such a perfectly planned evening, filled with surprises and I just remember feeling like the luckiest girl in the world (I still do!) that he chose me to be his wife.

How Chris Chose My Ring…

Below is a photo of my beautiful ring; I love the simplicity of the overall look, but the diamonds going down the band give it some extra glam 🙂 Chris, from what he tells me, did do a bit of research online to get a sense of what he liked or didn’t like. Since we were living in Burlington, Vermont at the time, he worked with a local jeweler there. I didn’t give him ANY idea of what I wanted for a ring. He did consult with my sister who tried to sneak some info out of me, but I remember my response being “whatever Chris chooses, I know I’ll love it,” and I genuinely meant that. I wanted to allow Chris the opportunity to enjoy the process of finding a ring that represented our story and one that he also loved. He has always had amazing taste. I love my ring first because of it’s simple, yet elegant look and also because of its amazing quality. Everyone also comments on how it glistens…even when it’s due for a cleaning 🙂 Also…the only thing I wish I could change…the fact that my nails weren’t painted for the big day! Oops!


In keeping with the “choosing of the perfect ring” theme, I had the opportunity to check out the selection at E.B. Horn, and it’s amazing! There is truly something for everyone; so many different styles and settings. Plus, everyone that works there was super gracious when I brought London into their beautiful store with me…and she was less than well-behaved! (#momlife) Anyway, the rings were so stunning that I took photos of my five favorites to share with you all!

1. The Double Halo

I love love love this Veraggio engagement ring. It’s rose gold (another favorite of mine) and the double halo gives it a really unique look while still feeling classic at the same time. Also, the band has some beautiful detailing as well!

2. The Cushion Halo

Another one of my favorites was this cushion halo, also by Veraggio. Like the double halo above, this ring has a really “vintage” vibe, which I love. There were so many ornate details on this band!

3. The Solitaire

You’ll never go out of style with the timeless look of a solitaire. You can let your diamond be the star of the show and choose an ornate wedding band to complement this simple, yet elegant ring!

4. The Pear-Shaped Diamond

Pear-shaped diamonds are not typically my favorite, but I was so drawn to this one! The center stone is gorgeous with the halo of diamonds surrounding it, but I think the band is what really caught my eye. It’s yellow gold, and it’s a feature that really sets this ring apart from the others; isn’t it so romantic?

5. The Oval Halo

The oval shape gives an innovative twist on a classic style; this ring had a shine to it like no other. The thin band gives it a feminine look and allows the center stone to stand out. Love!

Which one is your favorite?

xx, Ashley

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