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Our Favorite Engagement Tips

Our Favorite Engagement Tips

Finding the right engagement ring can be a daunting task. Equal parts thrilling and pressure-packed with the knowledge that you do, after all, hold the future in your hands. There are lists just about everywhere that try to help you. 10 tips about this, 9 tips about that. A lot about color and clarity, cut and size.

But those are rational considerations. And you know that purchasing a ring is an emotional decision, something intimately tied to the biggest day of your life.

For this engagement season, we’ve partnered with a few Boston bloggers (see below), all of whom have brought you stories about different aspects of their engagements. What you haven’t heard, and what we wanted to share in this final installment, is what’s most important. So here, finally, are their #1 tips for purchasing engagement rings:


Envision your fiancée wearing it

My #1 tip on picking the perfect engagement ring is to envision your fiancée wearing it. Think about her sense of style. Is she edgy or modern? Or does she love a classic or vintage feel? Think of her wardrobe, home decor, and sense of overall style. Trying to establish her style first will help zero in on the STYLE of ring you think she’ll love!

– Ashley Markwood, Style, Grace and Lace

Choose a timeless piece

I’m all for current trends, but when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, to me, classic is always the way to go. This is something that’s going to live on your body forever! That being said, you can definitely get a little creative in the execution. I knew I always wanted an eternity band as an engagement ring, rather than a single stone. I paired my platinum eternity band with a sleek, traditional gold band for a more modern feel.

-Britt St. George, The Relevance Report

Remember, bigger isn’t always better

Forget traditions, forget trends and pick what you think she will like! Oh and remember, bigger isn’t always better – not when it comes to men’s shoes and certainly not when it comes to diamonds!

– Kerrie M. Burke, The Life + Style of Kerrie M. Burke

Keep a secret

Keep the ring a surprise! It’s one of the few moments in life that is truly a surprise anymore. You can easily keep the ring a surprise while ensuring it goes with her style. If she only wears silver jewelry, look at platinum or white gold – and vice versa if she is a fan of yellow gold. If you really are stuck, ask her mom, sister, or best friend for ideas – but be sure to swear them to secrecy!

– Jenna DiMaggio, Boston Chic Party

Establish a budget

I would say my number one tip when choosing an engagement ring is a toss up between budget and shape. But having to chose only one, I would say my number one tip is to establish a budget. Establishing a budget will help keep you on track by only browsing rings in that price range.

– Agnes Vazhure, Spoons & Stilettos


Still not sure? Ask!

While I am lucky that my husband has incredible taste, I am even luckier and more grateful that he asked what kind of ring I liked! Guys, I am telling you…my #1 piece of advice, without a doubt, is ask! Ask your girlfriend, ask her sister, ask her best friend, ask her secret Pinterest wedding board (hey, we’ve all been there!). It doesn’t matter who you ask, just ask someone. When you’re spending this kind of money and making this kind of a lifelong commitment, don’t you want to know that she will love the ring?

– Alexis Fallon, SouthEndStyle



What’s your favorite tip? 

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