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Emerald Ring, May Birthstone

May is finally the time to have a little fun in the sun, making emerald the perfect spring gem. Its bright green hues reflect the budding trees, fresh blades of grass and colors of Boston’s Emerald Necklace. Whether celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend or any May activities, here are 5 hidden gems to know about emeralds before rocking the look.

1. It may come as a shock, but not all Emeralds are emerald green. The hue actually ranges from deep to pale greens.

2. Egyptians believed emeralds contained the secret to eternal youth. Which is likely why emeralds were among Cleopatra’s favorite gemstones. And why they have often been found inside Pharaohs’ tombs.

3. Colombia yields more than 50% of all emerald production worldwide.

4. On a carat-by-carat basis, emeralds can actually be worth more than diamonds.

5. Aptly named “The Emerald Anniversary,” emeralds are the official gemstone of 55th wedding anniversaries.



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