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Sparkling Statements

Boston is full of showstopping beauty, so why not take outfit inspiration from our stylish and classic city? Here are a few of our exclusive favorites to kick off the new year:


Dazzling Delight

This Chopard necklace is nothing short of a statement piece and has been named “Happy Spirit Necklace” for a reason. Its artistic design and 704 fine diamonds will bring sparkle to any outfit.


An Astonishing Accent

“The Blue Necklace” is an aquamarine estate piece that’s a perfect match for any time of the year. This necklace is not only laced with 224 fine quality diamonds, totaling about 9 carats, but its platinum base will bring out an extra dazzle.

New Year, Same Class

Sethi Couture’s “Tassel” is a timeless piece that’s sure to add a dash of dazzle to any occasion. This necklace features faceted black diamonds, strung by warming rose gold.

Looking for more? Browse our necklaces for other great suggestions!

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